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Summary of 2015 ARCF Meetings

The ARCF Trustees meet annually each summer and three times (quarterly) via a conference call to conduct association business. In between those meetings, the ARCF Executive Committee conducts calls as necessary to discuss urgent matters. The following is a brief summary of activities that have transpired from the 2015 meetings.

  • After several months of review and revisions, the Trustees have adopted a revised set of Bylaws to govern the activities of the ARCF
  • A review of the 2014 audit summary and all award and grant activities was conducted according to existing policies to insure all financial activities of the ARCF are in good standing
  • The ARCF in conjunction with the AARC and the Alpha-One Foundation has established funding for a new award for a respiratory therapist to conduct research into alpha-one antitrypsin deficiency
  • The ARCF selected all the award and grant winners for 2015 that will be presented at the 2015 AARC Congress Opening Ceremonies
  • The ARCF has entered into a new two-year agreement with Vapotherm Inc., to be the exclusive, platinum sponsor for the ARCF Fundraisers to be held in San Antonio (2016) and Indianapolis (2017)
  • The ARCF has agreed to jointly provide initial funding with the AARC to support the International Council for Respiratory Care’s (ICRC) Fundamentals of Respiratory Care Support Course
  • The ARCF Trustees agreed to support 4 International Fellows that will visit the US in October and November
  • The Trustees continue to evaluate the opportunity to establish new non-endowed awards for the future to support the profession and respiratory therapists

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