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Want to Participate as an International Fellow or Be a Host City for a Fellow?

The June 1, 2015 application deadline is approaching! Health care professionals from outside the United States who exhibit a profound interest and commitment to respiratory care and its advancement, as well as establishing it as an allied health profession are encouraged to apply. Demonstrated proficiency in written and conversational English is required.

International Fellows will receive:
• One travel day to the United States
• One rest day prior to beginning the Fellowship
• Visits to two cities in the United States for a stay of approximately five to six days in each city.

During the stay in each city, planned activities will include:
• Observation of the practice of respiratory care in large and small hospitals.
• Visits to formal educational programs of respiratory care at colleges and universities.
• Visits to alternate care sites where respiratory care is being provided, such as home care organizations, rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing facilities, hospices, specialty laboratories, etc.
•  Attendance to AARC Congress 2015 in Tampa, Florida, November 7-10

In order to provide the visiting Fellows with a quality educational experience and opportunity to observe respiratory care in a wide variety of settings, we request the participation of respiratory therapists in cities or metropolitan areas who are willing to become involved in this exciting program. Ideally, the medical institutions, educational programs, and other health care sites would provide Fellows with observations of respiratory care in a variety of clinical settings and additionally address management and the educational programs which train respiratory therapists.

For International Fellow or City Host application details visit the ARCF International Programs webpage.

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