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Meet Your Trustee: Christianna Vance

Christianna Vance isn’t a respiratory therapist, but as director of marketing for the Respiratory Business Unit at Teleflex, she spends her days getting the word out about innovative technologies that improve patient outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions in respiratory care. In this interview, she explains how her work led to her appointment to the Board of Trustees —


How do you feel you are connected to respiratory care?


Teleflex is a global provider of medical devices used in critical care and surgery. We serve health care providers with specialty devices for respiratory care, vascular access, anesthesia, urology, cardiac care, and surgery. I have worked in various marketing roles at Teleflex over the last ten years and I am deeply passionate about supporting the global advancement of respiratory care through clinical education and progressive technologies that improve patient care. I am connected to the community through Teleflex as a Corporate Partner of the AARC and perennial financial supporter of the NBRC and ARCF.


What do you believe the Foundation brings to the profession and why did you decide to take on the trustee role?


The Foundation’s fundamental goal is to raise funds to provide endowments for respiratory care clinicians to complete master’s and doctoral degrees. I appreciate the positive impact that the Foundation has had on the profession through these initiatives, and as a trustee, I look forward to leveraging my marketing experience and business acumen to help drive awareness of the Foundation’s mission and develop fundraising strategies to support respiratory care professionals around the globe.


What do you believe are the most important goals for the Foundation to accomplish over the next few years and why?


As the health care reimbursement landscape changes, the respiratory therapist will continue to play a key role in managing the readmissions of patients with COPD. The critical role that the RT plays in this scenario supports the efforts of the AARC to enhance the role of the respiratory care professional within this dynamic health care environment. It will be critical for the Foundation to continue our fundraising efforts to provide future respiratory care leaders with grants for advanced education, including master’s and doctoral degrees.


What would you like rank and file RTs to know about their Foundation and why do you believe it is important for them to support it?


The ARCF is an organization that is dedicated to promoting respiratory health through the support of research, education, and patient focused philanthropic activities in respiratory care. The fundraising efforts of the ARCF continue to offer educational advancement for RTs within their chosen profession. By supporting the American Respiratory Care Foundation, RTs are supporting their profession and the future state of respiratory care.


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