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Respiratory Therapy beyond the frontiers

When I applied to be an international fellow, I never imagined the experience I would have … the very different cities (Mobile, Alabama; Sioux Falls, South Dakota ; and Las Vegas, Nevada), the weather (cool, snowy, warm) and the friendly, kind, lovely and intelligent people, very disposed to help, teach, and share everything they had … even opening the doors of their houses to make me feel part of their families, job partners and friends. Meeting the rest of the fellows was incredible, discovering new languages, customs, cultures, but being part of the same dream … to learn about respiratory practice in the US and other countries in order to improve and develop it in our hospitals, clinics and universities. Please keep offering this great experience to others, it really makes possible respiratory care grow and goes beyond the frontiers.

Lideth Yorleny Vargas

2003 Fellow

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