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Thank you for your interest in the International Fellowship program. Before you begin the application process, you will need to gather the following files on your computer:

  1. Your current curriculum vitae (résumé/biographical data).
  2. One letter of recommendation from the director of your institution verifying your plans to develop some type of training program in respiratory care and/or establish respiratory care as a separate health profession.
  3. Two letters of recommendation specifically addressing your professional expertise and qualifications in support of your application.
  4. A digital photograph of yourself.

The text documents can be in the form of any Microsoft Word compatible format (.doc, .rtf, .txt) or Adobe Portable Document Fomat (PDF). A free online PDF conversion tool is available on the United States Library of Medicine’s National Institute of Health web site. The digital photo can be in any format.

Please submit all questions to Crystal Maldonado, Foundation & Grants Coordinator.

Once you have these five files, you are ready to apply:


Apply for an International Fellowship

Application Deadline: June 1

International Fellowship Home

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