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Before you begin, you will need the following files on your computer:

  1. Your current curriculum vitae (résumé/biographical data).
  2. One letter of recommendation from the director of your institution verifying your plans to develop some type of training program in respiratory care and/or establish respiratory care as a separate health profession.
  3. Two letters of recommendation specifically addressing your professional expertise and qualifications in support of your application.
  4. A digital photograph of yourself.

Please submit the following information:

Personal Information


Are you a member of the AARC?

(country code - city code - number)

Professional Information

(institution, hospital, or university)

(country code - city code - number)

(examples: nursing, pulmonary medicine, anesthesia, physiotherapy, critical/intensive care, academics, additional training or experience, etc.)

Do you have a current passport and are you able to acquire a visa to travel to the United States?

Have you previously traveled in the United States for professional training or other professional reason?

Have you attended an international respiratory, thoracic, or lung conference outside your country?

Educational Information

General Information

Have you previously applied to be an International Fellow?

Will you need an official letter of invitation if selected to be International Fellow?

Will you agree to do a written report and respond to surveys from the committee at 6 months and at 12 months after your fellowship?

File Attachments

Attach your curriculum vitae (résumé/biographical data) to include a list of any publications you have completed, a letter of recommendation from your institution’s director, two general letters of recommendation, and a digital photograph of yourself:

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