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Forrest M. Bird, MD, PhD, ScD Lifetime Scientific Achievement Award

This award was established in 1983 to acknowledge outstanding individual scientific contributions in the area of respiratory care of cardiopulmonary disorders with a grant from Dr. Forrest M. Bird, MD, PhD, ScD. Dr. Bird is the founder of Bird Products Corporation, a manufacturer of respiratory care equipment.

This award consists a plaque, coach airfare, one night's lodging, and registration for the AARC Congress 2018.

Nomination Procedure
Nominations will be invited from the AARC Board of Medical Advisors, the Board of Directors of the American Association for Respiratory Care, the Trustees of the American Respiratory Care Foundation, National Board for Respiratory Care and the Committee on Accreditation for Respiratory Care.

Nominees  must have authored (or co-authored) at least 25 peer reviewed publications listed on that: a) clearly demonstrate the important contributions that the nominee has made to the science of respiratory care; b) provide evidence that the nominee was a principal investigator/author on the work; and c) shows a commitment to scientific process. Previous award recipients have generally been established investigators at either teaching institutions or non-profit organizations and usually have in excess of 150 PubMed citations.

The nominating group is responsible for submitting the following: A complete and current biographical report on their nominee (curriculum vitae). Only one nominee (who is not a past recipient of the award) is allowed from each group.

A statement, including data, which indicates the basis for the nomination, keeping the principle criterion of “outstanding scientific contributions” in mind. They should illustrate the nominee’s impact on respiratory care through the training of physicians and therapists, noting their accomplishments, and through publications and lectures.

A brief personal comment on their candidate’s interests and activities outside of medicine (i.e. civic, family, hobby).

All nominations must be received by the ARCF Executive Office no later than June 1, and the award will be presented by the American Respiratory Care Foundation during the AARC Awards Ceremony.

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